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Why Not // The Log Noggins // Fissionary // True Sleeper // Nightingale

Why Not – Thud. Dead.

Astute and distinctive, WHY NOT, comes at us with this interestingly and surprisingly palpable indie-rock offering of ‘Thud. Dead.’ The band from Minnesota has 2 lPs out with their self titled EP, which is out now. They’ve toured parts of Birmingham and Atlanta as a mini tour with Boston and New York on that agenda as well. What excitement, ain’t it?? “We just want to make music that is pushing the envelope songwriting-wise as well as sonically,” said the band. “This song is one of the songs from our upcoming self titled EP. With this song, we are showcasing our math rock side, our punk side, and our experimental side.” And success surely feels good, as the single is studded with anthemic chords, reveling in the dissection of the pureness of rock, with a tint of nuances depicting the anxiety of it all. No hesitation is felt in their 4 track self-titled EP. And in it they fabulously demonstrate the talent they hold in their musical hands, with gusto. Experimentation and full on energy is what the trio of Isaac Dell, Henry Breen, and Joshua MacGregor represent. As they’ed remarked: “Truly an exciting time in our lives.” Kick it, 100%.

The Log Noggins – Dirt Track

Who said you can travel across that country of yours, within your mind? Who gave you the keys to freedom? THE LOG NOGGINS offers this beautifully classic rock anthem ‘Dirt Track’, and it’s glorious. The lyrics is about the band’s trip to Talladega Superspeedway in the past summer. Muscle engines, sticky tires, southern charm, Alabama toughness – all encompass such a weekend at the race track. With all of the fans huddled together in the summer heat, watching the heart pounding race between lions, THE LOG NOGGINS tried to accelerate their thoughts and feeling of visiting such a place. Paying homage to the best traditions of hard-blues-rock and the southern attitude, ‘Dirt Track’ isn’t only about the raceway, but of that man-kind that is so embedded in such passions. Rev it up!

Fissionary – Tepid

Off of the upcoming album ‘Learjets’, FISSIONARY’s single, of synth and electro-pop deliciousness, blings with the best of the sheen proposed by a galactic star. Charlie Stubbs is the visionary for FISSIONARY, and he’d stated that the singles are off of the impregnation of ambient synth tones, distinctive bass lines, and digital though natural. Like a star, in an far off epoch, ‘Tepid’ sticks out its tongue of isolation, without the need to be pretentious about its magnanimous superiority in song and construction. It knows it’s good enough. It’s good enough for us. It’s good enough for the undertones of life and its un-song heroics. Charlie’s been writing and performing for years, and branched into other standards in instruments, with a singular desire to make HIS better music. FISSIONARY is the project that is the ‘other’ part of Charlie. It is him. It fulfills his desires. And by proxy, we fill ourselves with the goodness of the projects outputs. And that is all that has to be said about that. Get in to the FISSIONARY train. It’s fire.

True Sleeper – Heavy Life

‘Heavy Life’ is the 2nd single from ‘Life Happened’ EP, by TRUE SLEEPER. The solo project by Marco Barzetti, the mercurial flow and hazy guitar works, indelibly sings out to the heavens. The ripping of the souls that are apart from an arm’s length of love, enhancements, hate, reprehentions, permeate the cracks. “There is a strong desire to let the old ghosts go, but the narrator is still imprisoned by his own expectations, fears and nightmares,” stated Marco of ‘Heavy Life’. “‘Very soon I’ll walk alone’ as the first line says, mirrored by the kids in the video who approach the climbing on their own: it’s a longing for being independent and grown-up beyond all the adversities a frosty mountain can put you through and they seem ready to achieve a full growth despite their young age, though I sing ‘I’m still late, heavy life’.” That climb towards that ever ascending peak, continues for most. Small victories with zero promises, step by step impinge upon your ultimate goals. Will that peak ever be vanquished?

Nightingale – Thrill (Feat. Eden Knight)

Reason sometimes is thrown out when in the case of love. Relationship ideal and habit, come into the haze of that supple but heavy contusions in emotional fascination. With a veil of blue-gray, sheathed in gold flakes, ‘Thrill’ featuring the wonderful vocals of Eden Knight, intoxicates with vision. There’s no escape from the place where reason crumbles. Identified and wanting to escape, but it’s no use from the one who excites every inch of your being. “It is an identifiable topic to all,” said Nightingale. “The dark and brooding sounds in the song provide the foundation for the lyrics that speak on the complexities we think of when we reflect on this matter.” Scream out, like the sirens of the night. Let that night, caress, with abandon.


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