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Whyte Horses Share ‘Never Took the Time’. “Serendipitous?”

In WHYTE HORSES’ single ‘Never Took The Time’ you’re mulled into a haze. Not just because the song is from the backdrop of a psychedelic dimension, but because of the enigmatic trance in translation throughout, which coaxes you to think about taking that sleep medicine.

Insomnia, it ain’t. But surely, you can feel that the single puts you into a place, NOT of ‘calm’, but reminds you fully that there are things that ‘haven’t been accomplished’ – by you, the owner of that shell of a body.




Nope, again.

You, us – we’re all in limbo. Take the time to listen to ‘Never Took The Time’, and your thoughts start to reel. The blood corsing through your body, regenerates the angst and much hated parts of yourself.

Or of someone you loved, perhaps?

Was it your fault for him/her leaving you?

Or was it just serendipitous?

What a circular hell, this can be.

We at CHF read between the lines A LOT. Sometimes we ‘get it’. Sometimes we do not. But isn’t it fun to just speculate? Isn’t it fun to just develop the story that COULD BE, or SHOULD BE?

The Manchester psych-pop band is THAT: supposing, and proposing – the rest is up to you.

WHYTE HORESES consists of: Leonore Wheatley and Mélanie Pain on vocals. Written by Dom Thomas and recorded by Mike Burnham at Buzz Studios.

Look out for their latest album ‘Empty Words’. Available now.


17 August – Green Man Festival
13 September – Royal Festival Hall, London
12 December – Point Éphémère, Paris


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