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Wild Beasts – Punk Drunk & Trembling

Wild Beasts’ Punk Drunk & Trembling wants help, from the girl that stands there. There, behind the wall, that opaque wall, hard to dismantle – harder to communicate.

Where are you? Why are you there? Why not me?

Come to me baby, I’m hurt, and need your touch. Want your touch, to re-energize me; employe me to be your side-kick. You’re the one to have; have me.

Have me.

The band has been in this game for a long while and keeps on keepin’ on, making awesome songs like this one.

But alas, good things do come to an end.

In September of 2017, the band collectively announced their disbanding.

Here’s their last public note said:
“Wild Beasts are coming to an end.”

“Our hearts and minds have been devoted to the band since we were teenagers. We’ve created something quite of our own and built a body of work which we stand by as heartfelt and true.”

“The four of us have decided, for our own reasons and in our own ways, that it is now time to leave this orbit.”

“We’re care takers to something precious and don’t want to have it diminish as we move forward in our lives.”

“Thank you for your love and energy and for helping us make it what it is. We consider ourselves remarkably fortunate to have lived out this dream.”

On February 2018, the final gathering and show will be performed by the quartet.

The group has a filled up schedule right up to the last and final fare-well concert, and currently in North America.

Hope some of you can see their show. Because surely wish we could.

They are rep’ed by Domino Records.



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