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Wild & Free – Shape On Shapes

“Don’t tell a lie, but lie to me a little bit.” Wild & Free’s Shape On Shapes is the title single of their new album. The song is a cloud of mystery, within a brilliant future – with ambient light to spare (for the hard road ahead) and the ‘possibilities’ for the ‘things to come’.

CHF isn’t an electronica focused magazine.

But we do love nicely produced music, though.

And we think that we do a fairly good job of appreciating the bodies of work we get to listen to, and review.

Wild & Free’s efforts is no exception.

‘Shape On Shapes’ (the single) is a fab stroke. Nope. Not that ‘stroke’, but a ‘stroke of mellow brilliance, where we sometimes have in a minute, an certain hour, a certain day to acclimate. The paint brush, thick with the oozing color, dabbed and dabbed onto that wildest of canvas – don’t wait for you to think it over.

The song got to us, because we’re suckers for good synth note injections.

The nostalgic 80’s synth notes, just frames the song well – sprinkling glitter of potentials onto our listening ears.

“The resolute promulgations, testify to the absolute,” the soldier said.

“What does that mean, soldier?”

“It means that, sir, believe in the dapper claws of the unknown, embracing it to the honest truth – where we all can start the journey.”

“Are you a poet soldier?” the General asked.

“No sir, just a human, living on this big blue ball.”

Let your hair down. Let it sink in. That’s what we did (except for the ‘hair’ part, for we have short hair dos).

But you get the gist.

Within the album (available now), are 11 songs packed with indie-electronica goodness. We’re definitely fond of ‘Shape On Shapes’. Oh and there’s another song named ‘Ferns And Stuff’ which we love as well. That one gets our feathers in a ruffle, and it’s fabulous. We think it’s the hi-hat work, that makes it distinct.

Weird huh?

Anywho, the duo of Drew Kramer & George Cochrane makes this thing go, and we’re feelin’ it- Mellow, chill, constant.

They’re rep’ed currently by Discotexas, out of Lisbon Portugal.

Kudos Drew / George. Kudos.



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