WILD ‘Keeps Me Coming Back’ : Love that propels our limited humanity and flawed emotions of ourselves.


Sweet and charming, WILD’s ‘Keeps Me Coming Back’ is a quintessential summer song of crush and love. There’s just all warmth and fuzzy embrace from the single, as it makes you want to smile, even at your most cynical.

Indie-folk-pop trio shares the final single from their highly anticipated debut full-length record, ‘Goin’ Back’, which drops January 15th, 2021.

“‘Keeps Me Coming Back’ is “a message of following one’s heart” and proves that there can’t be anything but love that propels our limited humanity and flawed emotions of ourselves.

The trio said: “We wrote this song with Matt from The Mowgli’s and Mason from Metro Station. It was one of those songs that came so naturally. It was just us having fun and laughing and the song was done! It’s about following your heart and knowing when it’s right. Our feelings for someone aren’t always certain, but it’s something worth coming back to as long as you have hope.”

The official video throws it back to the 1980’s with a nostalgic love story set in a wrestling ring.


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