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Wild Pink Announce Sophomore Album. ‘Yolk In The Fur’ Drops July 20. Listen To Single ‘Lake Erie’.

Wild Pink comes at us this time with the announcement of ‘Yolk In The Fur’ album, and it’s a glorious thang. The smooth and allergic vocals of John Ross affectionately guides us on a road to wonderland. The treats are sweet, the drinks are textured, and people…oh the people become your friends of new and old.

Cantankerous was he. He wasn’t. It was indicative of the past he couldn’t shake. His urges were insatiable, and was hard to control at times. It was a struggle all day, every day. His thoughts were always fixed on that one thing. That one thing that harnessed his utter being and energy that helped him to survive.

The urgency was true that particular day. He couldn’t take it anymore. The flood gates were being ripped apart. His brain was dowsed with unintelligible ramblings, he knew was not his own…but knew it was. The waves of thought and triumphs meandered and cut through that hard head of his. Ever courteous and ever devious, was that prickly feeling. That feeling of near causation.

He was doomed.

And he knew it, all over again.

Wild Pink evokes the kind of feelings that are just under our skins. The gurgling, the bubbling, the frothing at the mouth intensity. But it’s in neutral, in spite of all the signals.

It’s our lives.

It’s the reflection on that bedroom mirror.

‘Lake Erie’ is that mirror, we want to break – but cannot.

We mustn’t.

Wild Pink is rep’ed by Tiny Engines.


1. Burger Hill
2. Lake Erie
3. Yolk In The Fur
4. Civility At Gunpoint
5. Jewels Drossed In The Runoff
6. There Is A Ledger
7. The Seance On St. Augustine St.
8. John Mosby Hollow Drive
9. Love Is Better
10. All Some Frenchman’s Joke


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