Wilderman ‘Cope Trip’ : “Need to take a trip from time to time, in order to cope.”


“All of us get tired of lockdown and need to take a trip from time to time, in order to cope – whether that be irl, through entertainment or through psychedelics. For me, making this song was my own escape during lockdown.”

Enjoying a natural state of disconnection has become a nearly unattainable ideal in this increasingly digital age. Down in the Far West Texas town of Marfa, Rob Gungor did his best to unplug on the 2013 debut from Wilderman, Learn to Feel, an entirely analog album that saw its author chasing raw visceral-ity.

Said Rob: “As a musician, we rely on technology. Before guitar was invented, we didn’t play guitar. Before auto-tune was invented, we didn’t have all this new music. It’s an interesting dynamic to me as a musician.”

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VERY STOKED to premiere the new video for the new single COPE TRIP by me, Wilderman! Checkout the link in bio to see the lovely write up on @earmilk “Wilderman has stirred from his lockdown to bring us "Cope Trip"—an instantly accessible summer mood that, like coconut La Croix, is as tropical and refreshing as it is impossibly distant.” Funny thing is I was just at @thegetgomarfa yesterday and ran into @heladonegro — we were both buying cases of Coconut La Croix and I mentioned how it’s a controversial flavor. Lots of haters out there. But I guess it’s officially on brand for Wilderman now? Where’s our @lacroixwater #sponsorship? If you’re a coconut 🥥 flavor hater or lover, let’s officially have at it in ONCE AND FOR ALL the comments. Lovely vid shot by @prismvision and co-directed/edited by the both of us. #newmusic #freshbeats #newrelease #nowplaying #newmusicfriday#newwilderman #wilderman #copetrip #newsong #musicvideo #newmusicvideo #instamusic #soundcloud #applemusic #spotify #newmusicalert #listeningparty #marfa #marfatexas

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