WILDIVE ‘Euphoria’ (Video) : A contention of fight-or-flight in an emotional entanglement


‘Euphoria’ is the 2nd release by the Cologne, German originating band, WILDIVE. The band combines catchy pop melodies with driving indie vibes. Dreamy existentialism, drapes with suggestive anthem and vigil.

The bands DIY character is essential: artwork, merch and videos are realized by the band itself. For their debut year 2020, the band has announced four singles inspired by the music of Slowdive, Turnover, Men I Trust or Beach Fossils.

Lyrically, ‘Euphoria’, deals with a distorted perception of what happened “last night”. A contention of fight-or-flight in an emotional entanglement, a personal mystery of sorts, bloom within the effervescent cognition of the musical chords and vocals.

‘Euphoria’ is a dynamic in reality and perceptions.

Wildive delights.


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