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Will Bigwood Shares ‘Pull On Me’. “She’s got a hold on me..”

‘Pull On Me’ is the third single from the latest EP ‘Diamond Street’, by Will Bigwood.

A chat, with a beer. A patio overlooking the green yard. You facing the line of wooden fence, sitting there on a lawn chair, with the buddy who’d come over from the other side of town. The quiet suburb night sky looked deep navy/black as the sunset had just happened an hour ago. The summer ending month, brought a small coolness to the night, as the stars shimmered and smiled at the duo. Sitting and chatting, over a beer.

“She’s got a hold on me..”

“Yea. Noticed.”

“Was it that obvious?

“Yep. You tend to go very philosophical and introspective when you’re drawn so tightly to something special.”

“Yea. She’s got a hold on me. For sure.”

‘Diamond Street’ is available now.


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