Will Callan ‘Waste Of You’ : Looks at a relationship that is coming to an end, inevitably… imminently.

Will Callan

Entirely of piano and Will Callan’s vocals, the tender ballad looks at a relationship that is coming to an end, inevitably… imminently.

“’Waste Of You’ shows a different side to my songwriting with a slightly slower tempo,” said Will. “The song is about someone who is in a good relationship, but doesn’t appreciate what they have. Some people are always trying to find their perfect match…but who’s perfect, right?” Will continues “In a relationship, you shouldn’t feel bad for your partner’s mistakes. You saw the good in them in the first place, so it’s not your fault if they waste that for themselves. It’s a reminder that although they might not know it yet, they may have just lost the best relationship they‘ll ever have. Sometimes all you can do is stand back and reflect on what actually happened. I hope that people can relate with the emotion that comes across in the song.”

Since the release of his debut single ‘Losing Our Minds’, Will has received some incredible early support across Radio and DSP’s. Twice featuring on Spotify’s New Music Friday with ‘Out Of Your Life’ and previous single ‘Forgiving and Forgetting’, he’s also been played on Mollie King’s Best New Pop Show on Radio 1.

Love is hard to fathom, sometimes. It is the joy of a lifetime. It is the mystery of a millennia. It is something that is always needed to sustain.

A tangled weave of challenges and exhalations are brought to bare with that ethereal concept. It is the sustanance that isn’t physical. But it is something we cannot live without.

Look out for more from this talented 16 year old pop artist.


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