Will Derryberry ‘Going To The City’ : Bridges our most humane of feelings and asks of us to keep things in perspective.

Will Derryberry

Faith driven, but always family and rock n’ roll loyal, Will Derryberry’s single ‘Going To The City’ bridges our most humane of feelings and asks of us to keep things in perspective. The diligent anthem for good times and betterment ahead, keeps our noses above water to fight another day.

“The song sets the scene by coming together from our unique situations and qualities , expressing the joy of creating good times together,” said Will. “I have to sing the songs of the world, songs that hurt from the heart, and songs that brim with joy. Music is more than what I do, it’s who I am.”

Will began his love for music listening to his dad playing blues records. “I remember hearing BB King’sThe Thrill Is Gone, and as oxymoronic as it was, that song thoroughly thrilled me.” Will’s dad recognized his growing love for music and bought him his first guitar when he was 9, and from that time on Will was set on making himself a musician.

His first break came in the late 1990’s when he received heavy rotation on Clear Channel’s Y92.5 radio station in Sacramento, CA. It was at this same time that Will began touring the U.S. with his trio alternative blues band, “Will Derryberry Band.” Will admits, “It was a rollercoaster ride. We would play to audiences of twenty one night, and a few thousand the next… It shows you what your made of.”

Now, with a driving and continuing passion for music, his simple and modern country tinged rock n’ roll comes to our gates.

Let’s rock.


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