Will EsCargo // Dee Wallz // SHEMYYY // Chimezie // LeeWay

Will EsCargo – $TUPID NICE

Wu-Tang, NAS. WILL EsCARGO was influenced. Then he decided to make his own mark. He makes his biggest yet mark with Boston attitude and skillz as deep as the Atlantic. Watch him strut on ‘$tupid Nice’.

Dee Wallz – Sinaloa

Hear DEE WALLZ’ do his thing on ‘Sinaloa’, a multi cultural, latin flavored single with the middle and ending just like you wanted it. Consistent, with beat that never stops until you hit pause. Don’t hit that pause, fool.


“Skin is a song I made about a skin condition i’ve had my entire life and how its ruined so much for me in terms of relationships, experiences and a range of other things. Felt good to let it all out.” Trauma, frustration are the subjects of the day in this singing-rap extravaganza by SHEMYYY. Melt into it.

Chimezie – Prologue

CHIMEZIE released ‘Prologue’. First single for the artist. “I draw a lot of influence from Earl Sweatshirt. I mostly focus on lyricism and prefer rapping over non-traditional instrumentals. I don’t use the same rhymes, words, metaphors most other up and coming rappers do. I try to be as vivid and unique in my rapping as possible.” That’s fortitude and conviction in music making. Word, CHIMEZIE. Word.

LeeWay – Say Too Much

There’s a time when the bounds have to be adhered to. Or does it? Being mad about the small things in life, in hindsight, will feel silly. We all grow up, learn, and improve as we expand in this world of ours. LEEWAY knows. He progresses.


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