Will Newman x Nik Sudan ‘I Guess You Didn’t Mean Forever’ : Resolve in its lessons learned, but of action in its resolute resiliency.

Will Newman / Photo: Jessica Lyons

Will Newman is back, this time with his new, tender single ‘I Guess You Didn’t Mean Forever’. And with it he journals the events of a sensitive breakup and of the aftermath. Will collaborates this time with London based musician and soundtrack artist, Nik Sudan, in putting sultry magic into place for all to view.

‘I Guess You Didn’t Mean Forever’ is the second in a series of 2020 singles planned by Will. It follows up on a critically acclaimed 2019 which featured his first album ‘Sand’ and several extremely positive digital reviews. Following single ‘Part Time Lover’, ‘I Guess You Didn’t Mean Forever’ is a return to Will’s mature, thoughtful songwriting laced in the delightful tones of acoustic reminiscence, twinkling pianos and an eclectic writing style akin to John Mayer.

Anticipation of a fallout and a revelry of an inevitability, planned and expected, never make things a bit easier. A person’s heart is as delicate as nature intended, no matter how hard you look outside. It hurts. It stings. It makes your life a misery.

A self examination takes place, while hitting the rainbow of emotions from confusion to hate. But things get better.

And that’s where Will’s beautiful way of singing, just gets to you, and stays. An empathy – resolve in its lessons learned, but of action in its resolute resiliency.


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