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William Fitzsimmons Shares ‘Distant Lovers’. “Fidelity, Trust, Love, And Of ‘Where Do We Go From Here.”

Recluse of a man, was what my friends described me as. Guess that’s better than what I really wanted to become. My fantasy of being on an island, by myself, with only the problem of nourishment daily – was what I wanted; needed. To be sane again, there needed a drastic change.

The change though had to some from within. But it was becoming very hard.

“Why did this happen to us?”

“I don’t know,” she replied, in my mind’s imagination. “I think we just weren’t compatible enough, Warren.”

“Bullsh*t,” I wanted to say, but didn’t. Instead I replied: “We were compatible, Janey, but one of us, or both of us changed. And not for the better.”

“What do you mean? Are you saying I was the one who changed and messed the whole thing up??”

“No! You always do this to our conversations. I didn’t mean it that way.”

Then my daydream abruptly stops. I was at the bus stop again, and missed my ride.

Recluse of a man, yes. Just in my mind, and I need to do something about it.

I need peace.

WILLIAM FITZSIMMONS brings that peace in his music, and especially in this gorgeous acoustic ballad ‘Distant Lovers’. It’s a tragic story, but in itself is only one part of what the world affords us. And William, in this interpretation, helps us put one more piece into the puzzle.

He’s looking to find closure, and just like his audience, through his music, we all hope that can be achieved ultimately.

His latest upcoming LP ‘Mission Bell’ (September 21, 2018) contains the ups and downs of a decade old marriage, gone asunder. He reaches for the answers to the questions that recurs again, and again: Fidelity, trust, love, and of ‘Where do we go from here.”



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