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William Poyer ‘Easy’ : Humans are fragile things. And fragile things break easily.

Slice of what we all go through, some days.

William Poyer

William Poyer’s songs are guns blazing throw-backs to a certain golden era of music. Mix of Americana and rock undertones, the folk laced goodness of William’s smooth and growling vocals tatter the edges of visions that bloom in the sunlight of greatness.

‘Easy’ is the 3rd single from his upcoming EP. ‘Easy’ sees William make a departure from the foot stomping sounds he is best known for, this time sharing a beautifully poignant ballad about “love, life, and loss.”

Having left his native Wales in 2013 he embarked on a journey of discovery, looking to hone a sound unique to him. Four years of living in Mexico helped him find the sound he was searching for and during this period he developed the stunning collection of songs that formed the majority of his debut album “Born Lucky” released in 2016.

Rock-a-bye, bye and bye – the casualties of begotten confusion, are laid on the dance floor of a song like this. A guest at your own party, the vibes of uncertainty of self-relegated indecisions, multiplied by the unadulterated cruelty of life, ‘Easy’ constitutes a menagerie of thoughts and inferences, just to try and justify such challenges.

Humans are fragile things.

And fragile things break easily.

The deliverance of emotional majesty in ‘Easy’, permeate cooly and deliciously, and are sprinkled in kind by the absorbing urgency of the vocals. A gaze of inherent desperation, calmly look deep and past, in zombie-like admonition.

‘Easy’ is a slice of what we all go through, some days.

Currently based out of London, the beautiful song writing is easy to hear and absorb into your heart.



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