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willolux Shares ‘The Gift’ As We Fall In Love…With willolux. “We’re in deep trouble.”

Currently working on her sophomore album, ‘ARMOUR’, willolux keeps making us fall in love with her musical whims. She brings a bag full of melodies that are packed with emotions as bright as the sun, as it unassumingly and consistently pulls us in to her world. ‘The Gift’ continues that trend.

We’re putty in her musical hands, as you can say. A disposition of world-beating lyrical work, grouped by the notes of a darling breeze of a tender season of self-knowledge, the stories told by willolux reams of strength and energy for a future, that certainly is ahead.

The project is by Kristina Emmott, and the Canadian singer/songwriter daintily balances folk and synth, reflected against a wall of nostalgia from a past decade, once seen. Now, within the heart of Kristina’s lyrics, we hear those glorious shimmers of angst and coming-of-age, once more.

An admitted introvert, with a heart of a lion, she broke out of her comfort zone and started to play in her native Vancouver in venues near and far. Soon there after, she’d continued to reach new heights with busking performer in the streets of Paris, Barcelona and Melbourne.

There is always a time when you’d prepared enough, and willolux’ passion for her career couldn’t deny what she had to do to get to her promised land. So after a year of working and investing into her debut ambitions, she finished her album ‘Thread & Tape’.

And all of the hard work paid dividends, with accolades from peers and outlets from around the world.

Fast forward to 2019.

What will willolux offer us next? Well, from what we know from ‘The Gift’, we’re going to be in a perpetual love affair with her music, again, and again.

We’re in deep trouble.

In the meantime, lets absorb willolux’ past works and ‘The Gift’.

We think her music is a good prescription for the soul.

Let’s keep willolux, close to your musical desires.

Beautiful stuff.



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