Willow Stephens ‘Paper Cranes’ : The thread that ran through everything.

Willow Stephens / Photo: @lizbretz

In 2018, Willow set out to write 100 songs and by the end of the year, the album had started taking its shape and she knew that she had to find a way to refine it and release the music. ‘All That Glitters’ is not gold and all that is gold does glitter was the thread that ran through everything.

“We spend our lives searching for the things that will make us feel full and give our life value. Many times, we get pulled off track by the shiny things that give instant gratification and grab our attention at this very moment. Too often, we miss the incredible gifts that are right in front of us. But every once in a while, we strike gold and stumble on the real deal and if we’re lucky, we realize it when we find it.”

Unendingly, and ultimate, all of the pieces fit as they bloom to deliver the tear inducing vibes that were seeded of care and affection.


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