Windmills and Giants Debuted Latest Single ‘Fine’. A rockin’ country-tastic hope for love.

“Leaving the world behind, starting over, accepting the faults, starting anew.” The latest single ‘Fine’ by Windmills and Giants is a throwback to the styles from some pop-country of lore. The mix of W&G’s taste in honesty and use of wispy slide guitar effects, make it their’s and their’s alone. The rock filled country rendition, is a refreshing good time, framed altogether fabulously in the stories of the heart – for the heart.

One can’t help but bob his/her head during this song. Simply that.

W&G is made up of duo Norwegian musicians, Thomas Solvang and Lars Nilsson. The beneficial non-traditional vocals of Nilsson and the guitar work of Solvang, convinces us that they would be a fab band to see live (The band can be perfect for playing in front of a small group of listeners at the local pub. But fits perfectly at a great, large music halls). The honesty comes through in the beckoning calls of the vocals. The use of traditional methods of country and folk sound elements in their outputs, make ‘Fine’ a reputable and convincing way of enjoying life.

And that fact is so so cool, in our opinion.

Their first EP ‘The Morning After’ is a hard hitting collection of 6 songs, diabolically defined by the song ‘Say Anything’. It’s direct, heartfelt, and of course, very honest in its folk inspired content.

Now, if you’d like to feel what they’d be like live, listen to their recording ‘Live @ Uhørt’. It debuted in August of 2017, and it is a treat. The band hit it out the park on that one, in our opinion. The honesty is still clearly deep within the band’s DNA, however, it has progressed and pushes the boundaries – albeit slightly and slowly.

Wine is best with time, as they say.

Their latest can be purchased [HERE]

Kudos, Lars/Thomas. Kudos.

Looking forward to more, and more.


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