Windy Isle x tintti ‘Snow Dies Young’ : Fascinate their listening audiences with lyrical beauty and grace.

Windy Isle, tintti

For his third album in two years, Swedish soft rocker, Windy Isle, joins forces with long-time friend and singer-songwriter tintti.

After working together for the better part of a decade, 2020 happened to be the right time for the pair to finally make something out of the hundreds of songs they have penned together. The album’s title track ‘Snow Dies Young’ was recorded live in a cabin on the infamous Vindö (Windy Isle) in the Stockholm archipelago.

“We were literally days away from starting the recording of the follow-up to ’White Apartment’ when it hit us that this is what we should do instead,” said Windy Isle (Niclas Edhenholm). “It just seemed a lot more fun after two solo records.”

tintti added: “We’ve been friends who make music together since our mid-teens, so there are so many shared experiences to draw from. Everyone who’s had a best friend from their teens through their twenties knows the highs and lows you go through, and it’s all in these songs.”

full-length album arriving in late 2020, and from what ‘Snow Dies Young’ reports, the consistent quality and humble song writing by the Niclas, never stops examining the grading courtesies of the passing world. And with the team always amplified with tintti in the scene, the duo fascinate their listening audiences with lyrical beauty and grace.

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