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Winning Team // Heelix // Damocles // Elephantides // Maximilian Hoeft

Winning Team – Hero ft. Mad Ice

Helsinki, Finland based ban WINNING TEAM presents single ‘Hero’ featuring Mad Ice. It’s an amalgamation of different genres, but settled in the arms of Euro-dance EDM. It is an anthemic thrust of drops and hooks that is passionate and delicious. Group of 4 friends have come together in WINNING TEAM with an aim for making and delivering great music of their own. Success. Their journey in the electronica realms, continue with contagious energy. The band consists of Max Well, Veli Hiidenmaa, Isku, and Patrick Brex.

Heelix – Fiji

‘Fiji’ by producer HEELIX is a meditative insurgence of the mind and heart. The calming and resolute premise of this tantric assertion, keeps us in a viable and vivid plain of consciousness and delight. HEELIX stated: “Spring is here, and so is the soundtrack to the season. ‘Fiji’ is my happy place, a part of the utopia that I’m constantly building through sound and color. With the sun shining, the oceans glistening and the mountains calling; I hope you can enjoy this song wherever you may possibly go or be during this beautiful time of the year.” So simple, but awesomely beautiful to take into our own lives.

Damocles – Holy Hell!

DAMOCLES is the project of Seattle based producer, Ben Hopkins. Twenty plus releases after, the artist continues to write with emphatic urgency and prominance. Evolving and never standing still, Ben has a knack for what is non-traditional within his music. With expanding r&b vocal loops, peaking in an out of the drapery of trap and alt-rock elements, the artist knows what’s to be listened to. Put in synth that is tantric as the best Genesis gaming that we can muster, all culminate into a seductive and pure sacrament of lust for lust-sake. ‘Holy Hell!’ is part of DAMOCLES’ newest offering Arizona Deluxe Edition.

Elephantides – WORLD

Art-assault of the mind, vexes with thumping hypotheses, rendered helpless by the insinuating banal. Not so with ELEPHANTIDES. The banal is never a cause for calm. It is a celebration of the tides; it is the celebration of what we can be; it is the salutation to which we dive into the self-conflicting contradictions that awash, but never tire. Synthesizers and drums, render with acapella staggered affections in ‘WORLD’. It thrives as you dive in deeper, and deeper.

Maximilian Hoeft – Align

MAXIMILIAN HOEFT rides on the juices of life. And as the mellow and airy denomination of his music, resonate through – the artist of dignifying characteristics hint at the simplicity of the surroundings he has learned to love. ‘Align’ is an “organic and soft changing of landscapes”, as Maximilian stated. From techno, classical, and the everyday, he takes solace and inspiration with adaptable clarity and talent. The percussions open wide as the separate intuitions in elements drape over your senses. The self taught artist, is ready to make big headways.


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