Winona Oak Shares ‘Break My Broken Heart’. “Deep, rich primary colors.”

Beautifully constructed alt-pop single ‘Break My Broken Heart’ by beautifully manifested Swedish pop star WINONA OAK, invigorates in its inherently melancholic but anthemic shimmer.

Stated Winona, about the song: “You have to be brave to love someone with all your heart. But the biggest risk in life is to not take any risks at all. As long as we’re breathing, what’s one more scar?”

After moving to Stockholm to pursue her musical ambitions, she’d dove into Neon Gold Records’ writing retreat in the Nicaraguan jungle in 2017. There she met with Australian electronic maestro What So Not, where later co-wrote two singles ‘Better’ and ‘Struck In Orbit’.

The surging and demanding talent of Winona, culminates once again within ‘Break My Broken Heart’ as it deepens the mahogany colors of her words and exponentially radiant vibrance of her presentation.

The new music video depicts the same mood and cylindrical propensity of the song, with deep, rich primary colors, and that unavoidably symbolic lipstick and glow of Winona’s presence.

Beautiful works by Andreas Öhman (director) and of course by Winona, indeed.



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