Winona Oak ‘Control’ : The difference between love and obsession.

Winona Oak / Photo: Andreas Öhman

Off of her EP, ‘Control’, comes vexing pleasure and beauty, once agin, from the vocals of Winona Oak. Winona stated: “‘Control’ is about meeting someone that makes you weak in your knees and never knowing how they actually feel about you. You make risky decisions, act irrationally and tolerate things you normally wouldn’t. You’re feeling nervous, insecure and are constantly afraid that they are gonna leave you. Oh and this is when you learn – the difference between love and obsession. For the video we wanted to target this hopeless feeling with a twisted sense of humor.”

Born and raised in the Nordic forests of Sweden on a small crop of land called Sollerön. After moving to Stockholm to pursue her musical ambitions, she’d dove into Neon Gold Records’ writing retreat in the Nicaraguan jungle in 2017.

She’s always a catch… for your ears.



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