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Winslow Shares ‘Look At Me Now’. It’s More Than You Think. Dig In.

WINSLOW (Kate Miner & Briana Lane) is really, really good in this single ‘Look At Me Now’. The presentation is fresh, with the vocal idiosyncrasies layered neatly on top, the duo, we think has something that’s very much tangible and exciting.

‘Look At Me Now’ is a total departure from Kat Miner’s folk-pop background with her band, MINER. This single is (at least to us) a break from the mold, and where the artistic framing is stretched out a bit more, benefiting from reaching new and different dimensions.

The importance is of the ‘texture’. ‘Look At Me Now’ describes as a song does with the lyrics and pronouncements down through the song. But the synth, the voice, and the angular outcroppings of ‘suggestions’ and ‘innuendos’ make it a more palatable dish.

All songs can be about personal experiences. But the difference comes from the construction and aim of the ‘art’.

Mannequins can be queens, when substance and validity is virtually dripping and saturates the listener’s senses. And when stories of tragedy, loss, mis-givings, and stresses of life and living life, comes colliding in the Universe named WINSLOW – then the blow will be brilliant.

This is a fantastic little synth heavy pop diddy.

And we dig it, lots.

It has more than you think.



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