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Winslow Shares ‘Out of My Head’. Still The Thoughts Go On.

We’d reviewed their single ‘Look At Me Now’ which is a total departure from Kat Miner’s folk-pop background with her band, MINER…single is (at least to us) a break from the mold, and where the artistic framing is stretched out a bit more, benefiting from reaching new and different dimensions.”

This time around their other single ‘Out Of My Head’ comes our way, and it’s a beautiful song about a ‘call to arms’. Making sense of it all, but failing miserably, is the case for the essence. The ‘whys’, the ‘whats’, and the pain that are neatly packaged in that heaviest of dilemmas, sprout out and eclipse the soul, the mind – building the wall of ‘shame’.

There’s only one thing that you want: her / him.

But you know you can’t have that satisfaction, any longer.

Still the thoughts go on.

Eternal torture, and a slip into self induced madness.

Only you can knock yourself out of this ‘trance’.

You must.

WINSLOW is made up of Kate Miner & Briana Lane. They’re really good.


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