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Winter & Triptides Shares ‘Amiga’. Interpretation & Oddities. Perfect.

We don’t know what to say about WINTER & TRIPTIDES’ single ‘Amiga’. Well, actually we do have something small to say, of course.

The project is made up of two folks: Samira Winter and Glenn Brigman. And they state that they bonded like super-glue over their love for Brazilian music and culture. Winter having been exposed to the segment by her mother, who used to sing ‘Ele Dorme’ and ‘Raio De Sol’. Brigman was exposed to Brazilian music by his college roommate who left him a collection of samba, bossa nova and tropicalia LPs.

Winter has been doing collaborations and project before (recently was as duo Winter & Trabants) where we reviewed the single ‘Just Stay’ back in October of 2017. We loved WINTER’s shoegaze / garage pop dimeaner in her singles and still do today.

And with the team-up with TRIPIDES, another angle of WINTER and Brigman, is revealed for the public to view. The psychedelia influenced rock features from TRIPIDES seeps into the manifold of experimentation and urgency of ‘Amiga’.

The new album ‘Estrela Mágica’ will drop September 28th.


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