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Wintersleep // Tom Cridland // Jeremy Ferrara // FRANKIIE // Sonny Winnebago

Wintersleep – Free Fall

Decorated award winners and all around force in their field, WINTERSLEEP follow up with a 7″ on the heels of their 7th studio album ‘In The Land Of’. “Fading Out” and “Free Fall” are all the song that keep it flowing, as the natural high of the band comes through in spades. Produced by Tony Doogan (Mogwai, Belle & Sebastien). The release of new music from Wintersleep maintains the momentum seen on their last album The Great Detachment (2016), which garnered nominations for the 2017 JUNO Award for Adult Alternative Album of the Year, the Polaris Prize, the Prism Prize, and favourable press from Rolling Stone, The Toronto Star, CBC q, Wallstreet Journal, Exclaim! and more, solidifying them as one of Canada’s finest bands.

Tom Cridland – Falling off the Rails

TOM CRIDLAND has a big sense of humor. The best part is that he recognizes that humor, and how is a big part. You can see it in his moves, his songs, his charm. And part of that is him knowing that from a troubled past, he’s off to a better part of his life. From a teen alcoholic with an eating disorder, to now on a delectable mission to become the “biggest pop star in the world” – you just have to respect his gumption and ‘authrorita’ (a la South Park). With his band of friends and mates, including his best girl, Debs, they are on this journey of new adventures, hand in hand, making people happy with the music he creates. Team Cridland with ‘Falling Off The Rails’ is in line with many of his past productions. Limited budget never scared him none, for it is the music and his own style that gets him excited. Now, many others are excited for his music too. Unlike, Weird Al Yankovic, Tom’s original, genre bending attitude, keeps the humorous in the lining of his songs, with perfect continuity in the seriousness and acumen in his musical talent. ‘Falling Off The Rails’ is a fun and irreverent, don’t take yourself too seriously kind of song. But ultimately, it does its job, as you smile and engage with Tom’s personality and professional offering. We think Tom’s got lots to say and offer the world. Hope to see him grow, ever more.

Jeremy Ferrara – This Trouble

JEREMY FERRARA is a folk singer/guitarist based in Portland OR. Jeremy’s hard to miss honesty in the lyrics that he’s picked and honed, thump with the breadth of truth and justice, that a story teller should offer his listeners. The charm of his music is centrally built around that beautifully painted words, and when they come together in this format of sounds and vision, they radiate volumes of nuances, encapsulating and imbibing with care and prodigious warmth. Vulnerability and acceptance of situations with a ‘can do’ attitude seeps in and out like the tides in ‘This Trouble’. It’s a cycle that we all should get to know. Look for even bigger things from him, again and again, as his fabulous career goes on. See him next at Neck of the Woods in San Francisco on October 4th.

FRANKIIE – Funny Feelings

‘Funny Feelings’ is just a fabulous song. Nostalgic, strong, emblematic, resilient – the ladies in FRANKIIE just knows how to amplify the essence of what a fabulous psyche rock band could and should. The Vancouver 4 piece will drop their debut album ‘Forget Your Head’ (September 20th), and it should be a banger. The album is recorded and produced by Jason Corbett at Jacknife Sound and the eleven tracks album focuses on themes of “self-love, discovery, all-encompassing doubt and the universal pursuit of finding true meaning in things”. We feel it’s a journey to find that meaning, convert it at will, and make it our own. The band consists of artists: Francesca Carbonneau, Nashlyn Lloyd, Victoria Sieczka, and Zoe Fuhr. See and hear them next at The Clubhouse in Vancouver on September 19th.

Sonny Winnebago – Take Me For a Ride

Welsh-Australian troubadour/musician Harvey Jones. And he said that ‘Take Me For A Ride’ was written from a place of “restlessness, following the event of a long-term friendship going south.”It’s a true story, and a relatable one too, with strong themes of detachment and self-empowerment”. Awkward places. Odd places. Escaping from that spiral is hard to do. But it’s just in our personal brains, which ultimately, reveals itself to be the highest wall to climb. The rainy days seem rainier, and that’s okay, Harvey, says in this song. From that, the sunnier days will be even more glorious. Just have to get through this emotional torture, that’s all. ‘Take Me For A Ride’ is one of four tracks he’ll be releasing with the support of Welsh artist development project ‘Forté Project’. Harvey’s enlisted the skills of producer Charlie Francis (R.E.M, The High Llamas) and session musicians Davey Newington (Boy Azooga), Matt Evans (KEYS) and Steve Black (Sweet Baboo) for this endeavor. So far, so good, eh?


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