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Wireheads – Indian Pacific Express

Wireheads’ Indian Pacific Express is a ride through that dark tunnel, which a “train express” would go through. How does that correlate? And how does that compliment the band’s song? Well, IPE, is that little excitement we feel when traveling through a darkened hallway, room, stage – in this case a hypothetical tunnel.

And heck yea, that is a compliment to the band!

In the majority of the length of our lives, we’d like to get additional excitement. Wireheads gives us that opportunity… in spades, as David Spade, the actor would say, if he really did say it.

The chords are simple, direct, with a minimal take on lyrics. But aren’t songs sometimes just grand when it’s arranged that way?

We know, we know. The song probably doesn’t make sense to some of you. But to us here at CHF, it’s a fabulous addition to the daily listening operation and it’s refreshing.

Yes. Refreshing.

Just like the pure white snow that is on top of that hypothetical train tunnel; just about to come down on an avalanche.

Cool… literally..hypothetically.

This song kicks ass. We’re just sayin’.