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Witching Waves Shares ‘Eye 2 Eye’. “For that little tyrant that lives inside your inner being.”

‘Eye 2 Eye’ is the 3rd single from their 3rd and upcoming album ‘Persistence’ which drops April 5th.

The depth and expert-ness of the band is as the album is titled, very persistent and constant. The scene is without bearing, if WITCHING WAVES isn’t in it. The skies are a bit grayer, if the band isn’t playing. The rainbows will end prematurely, if the trio aren’t bashing, deviating, calling, their notes from the instruments they hold.

Consisting of members Emma Wigham (drums / lead vocals) Mark Jasper (guitar / vocals) and (bassist) Estella Adeyeri, the band is what it is: a tour de force of DIY seasoning and decadent ruckus in that little tyrant that lives inside your inner being.

Waiting to get out.

But just waiting for the right time.

Accolades have been collected, galore, since their debut release in 2014. All went ga-ga for the honest and scintillatingly stripped down offerings.

Drums driven, vocal screamin’, slicing guitar riffs, make what WITCHING WAVES, what they are.

And the new album ‘Persistence’ will continue to drive that palisade of talent, into the fore, and on to that golden vision.

Mark explained: “Persistence means continuing in spite of difficulty, so there is a sense of something positive there too. A lot of the album is about change and things coming apart, and there’s a lot about feeling distanced or upset by someone else’s actions but trying to make it right.”

Let’s go ga-ga over this album.

You know you wanna.

We sure do.



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