Witch’s Wall ‘Lady Love’ : A triumph of personal origins.

Witch's Wall

Rhythmic, brooding, charming, and coy, Witch’s Wall’s single ‘Lady Love’ is a par for the course, in that the journey for the sake of journeys, is what your heart needed. At this moment. At this juncture. At this pre-destination of emotional justice.

Witch’s Wall crafts a seamless brew of dreamy indie pop and psychedelia-shaded experimental rock. Beginning in northeast Alabama, lead songwriter David Smith was raised in a large family of music enthusiasts.

A tang of realism, dabbling in a hobby for a notion for eternal satisfaction – a damaged riot for happiness to befall, as snow flakes at the opportune time. That wondrous increments for inquiries in love.

Delightful psyche aura, fulfill Wich’s Wall’s vibes. A triumph of personal origins, the song reminds us of the fleeting, while, never fully accepting that fact.


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