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Wizard Rose // Bess Atwell // John Burnette // Hēran Soun // MXMS

Wizard Rose – Forbidden Thing

Brisbane, Queensland, based rock band WIZARD ROSE is fun when you need it. You have a hair bun? Let it down. You have some bills due? Let it wait for a little bit. You have a girl who needs your affection? Rock out together to ‘Forbidden Thing’. Influenced by bands like Led Zeppelin, Velvet Underground and Rush, guitarist James Elves, Lead Vocalist Lucas Blackburn, Bassist Zaac Thompson & Drummer Isaac Varcoe, keeps life in perspective and just hammers home the message that “It is time to reflect and rock on”. James Elves stated: “It’s been but one journey of many & to create all that we have, to do it with souls that I’m grateful to call Brothers is a blessing indeed. This album is many feelings & inner emotions expressed & directed through the instruments & music created.” The sound of WIZARD ROSE on this single is a beautiful nostalgic amalgamation of many bands, but it just flows so well. Especially with the gritty riffs harnessing the energy thrown by Lucas’ roaring vocals, the formula for fun has a new result in WIZARD ROSE. Let’s have some fun.

Bess Atwell – Harvested

Like a best friend, BESS ATWELL’s lyrical attentions comfortably numb your hurt. Scars can heal with Bess’ unequivocal renditions, built from a ground of solitude and reflection. Off of her brand new 5 track EP ‘Big Blue’ (available now), the beautifully represented singer/songwriter releases all of your angsts unto that coffee table, displaying the innards of lust and regrets, and all of the ‘between’ hesitations. Bess said about ofher EP: “’Big Blue’ explores conflicting themes on identity, romanticism and reality. I have an amazing full-time band now who worked on these songs with me outside of the studio and so, when the time came to record, we just went into the studio and essentially played the songs “. Bess is a special something for that part of your life that has no category, as of yet. The fog of living, needs a guiding light, and with Bess and ‘Harvested’, a glimmer of hope and salvation will take seed. Let’s work on that together. See Bess next on July 26th, at Deer Shed Festival, Yorks.

John Burnette – NYC Babe

Concrete, and steel. Your soul builds with confidence as you grow up in this often unforgiving world. The layers of shields, thick with walls of harsh lessons and loves gone awry – all of the good and the bad, assume the balance of living, one minute by one minute. Just like a city – like New York City – of the dirty and clean histories, we as individual humans get on our knees, looking for turning the chapters and improving. We do, in time. The question is, whether we’ll have someone who’ll be with you during the ups and downs of such tumultuous decades of needed courage. Who knows. On the surface, emotions can seem hard and impenetrable as NYC’s physical attributes. But will we be able to let her in? Will you let her build that glorious skyline along with your frailties? Hard question, indeed. JOHN BURNETTE is a beautiful singer/songwriter with unbelievable acumen for lyrics and a pension for digging deep into our human hearts.

Hēran Soun – Barricade

Hēran Soun, at a young age was called upon to grow up really quickly. With deafness in his ears, his world audibly collapsed into a dark void. His childhood was filled with “hospital treatments”. But all along, the rich moaning and visceral sound of his music, stirred beneath his skin and his heart. His eagerness profound, the drive to express the menagerie of experiences in his past, erupts in his current form. The shattering glass of trepidation, gave rise to a confidence in his skills and his craftsmanship. The son of parents and of this world, breaks out of the shell – of an egg – seeing the opportunity of the light beyond, seeping through the beak spiked cracks. “It’s here. Your time is now,” his hearing heart swelled.

MXMS – Timebomb

“300 million+ ppl around the world suffer from depression and related mental illness,” said MXMS. “‘Timebomb’ brings a hot take focus on what it’s like when we stay unmedicated and untreated; either intentionally or unintentionally; and regardless of what form your treatment might be. Our minds are a ticking clock without _______.” Ariel Levitan and Jeremy Dawson makes up unapologetic MXMS. Excitement and the darkness comes at ease when MXMS comes to town. If you’re in that town, we’d recommend you seek shelter. Get out of the way. You’ll get cut. With beautifully industrial synth guiding your ride down to your emotional grave, Ariel’s words and expressions keep your anxiousness at a controlled level. Your eyes grow wider. Your hands get sweaty. “Here comes Johnny!!” You dead. ‘Timebomb’ is a gritty piece of industrial-pop that eviscerates and you like it to bits. You just can’t help it. The charm flows as much as you’d ever wanted. Their EP ‘Funeral Pop I’ is available now.


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