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Wolf Parade – You’re Dreaming

Wolf Parade’s You’re Dreaming is an intellectual dumbing down to the level of absolute and utter music vacation. What do we mean? You know. The song is like a breath of fresh air, mixed in with some enthusiastic and rock-able attitude, dashed with the feeling we get from taking that “vacation, from the vacation trip”. World melts away, on that comfy bed, sleeping in the daytime, don’t give a s*it.

The band has had a long hiatus / semi-retirement, but now seems they’re back with a great foray of offerings.

And why shouldn’t they?! Their band’s history IS quality. Quality in the songs, music, live tours, etc – just good stuff that returns and returns. One can feel the energy in the writing and production as well.

Oh, and going back to the feeling one gets from the “vacation, from that vacation trip” – let us emphasis… it’s the Snoop’s gangster shizzle. You get home from the original vacation. Because your senses had to be sharp and up all the time (for each minute of the vacation was a cost), there was no real time to rest. Even resting on the vacation, had to be short and incomplete. There was a mission to complete.

Now that you’re back home (with 2 days remaining from going back to the day-job), it is ALONE TIME. Drop the baggage near the front door. No alarm clock, no room-mate, no festivals to visit on-time, no dinners to attend at 11pm at night, no 4am wake-up so you can use the bathroom in peace, no sky-diving session to be nervous about. Now it was you, your bed, pillow, and all-day-nap-time-with-no-agenda kind of day.

That’s how carefree You’re Dreaming is to us.

It’s a song to dig. It’s short, sweet, semi-punk, semi-alt, all rock, no pretense.

You should (return) dig Wolf Parade.

And oh, they’re from Montreal. We dig Montreal bands. There are some great bands from there.

Wolf Parade is rep’ed by SUBPOP.



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