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Wolfy – I Can’t Lie (feat. Huxlee)

Wolfy’s I Can’t Lie featuring Huxlee, takes us back in time to a place where legs are long, blondes are blonde, and 007 kicks ass and doesn’t even leave his business card at the bar. How rude.

To be specific, the R&B / Blues / Rock indulgence in this song is just fabulous. As others have noted, the song is oozing with sex-appeal and gravitas – even if Madison didn’t intend to do so.

Or did she?

Remember THAT scene in classic 007 movies? You know, THAT scene – when James Bond knows that the gal is on the “bad guy’s” side, it drives him to be even more enticing, and approaches her with the casual significance only he can deliver. He knows they’re on opposite sides, and she knows that too.

But this is where we can imagine I Can’t Lie, comes in. It’s the contrast, the “f*ck it” attitude that drizzles the attitude on us (the listener), and fits aromatically to that 007 scene we just made up, above.

Can you hear it? Can you feel it? Her lips up against your neck, her hands caressing your arms, thighs embracing on top of each other – ignoring the menacing danger, which is inevitably just a morning away.

We think that is the feel we get from this song. And we dig it, lots.

Also, we think that Madison’s done this with her full approval and intentions. We’re convinced of that, and we dig that about her.

So, could we be wrong? Not if it’s in this post’s universe. But do we really care?

It’s about the song and delivery, right?

Ok, anywho, enough drivel. This song we dig (as we’d mentioned).

And it’s several months from its initial premier, but better late than never – you will dig this band too!


Oh, and we love supporting (in our little way) indie record labels, and Sentimental is one of those we’ll recommend. Let’s see what else they’ve got going on, shall we?



Sentimental Records:


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