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Wolkoff – I Keep This Heart (beat)

Following up her string of awesome EP’s, Canadian indie extraordinaire (yea, we call her that) Joanie Wolkoff comes at us with a new video for her fabulous offering: ‘I Keep This Heart (beat)’. The song is off of the ‘Who Wouldn’t Fall’ album, which drops November 15th, 2017. We’re very excited, really.

She’s a gem.

Simply that.

Her video just takes it to another level. We’d loved her musical acumens before, but her sense of humor just comes through so well in the video.

And to juxtapose the humor and ‘rediculousness’ and ‘awkwardness’ of the video to the ‘gray’ and ‘seriousness’ of the song’s lyrical balladeering – it’s a contrast that is delicious and so, so cool.

But in another sense, the video subject is not too different from what the song is about.

The song itself is a testament to what’s readily awkward about love, relationship, faithfulness, anger, and all the unanswerable questions one has about the significant person in her/his life.

Why do I do the things for you, that I wouldn’t do for others?

Why am I so loyal to your, sometimes, ugly habits?

Why do I tolerate you?

Why do you tolerate me?

And in our CHF minds, the video of Joanie, rolling about in the confused crowd, is a perfect fit and compliment to a chaotic love connection.

It hurts rolling around. Your knees get bruised.

The hips get bruised.

The elbows get bruised.

Your EGO gets bruised.

And that’s what it comes down to doesn’t it?

The biggest bruise is to our egos.

And sometimes, we tolerate going through that torture, for a ‘larger’ order.

As we’d mentioned, Joanie is a gem, an artist, and a beautiful musician.

We’re surely glad we’d gotten to know her a bit more, through her works.

Keep ’em coming Wolkoff. Keep ’em coming.

The video was made in conjunction with the team at Era Ora Ivana Gloria, in Milan Italy.



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