Wons Phreely ‘Restless to Run’ : There’s only one. Let’s join him on his quest.

Wons Phreely

Hard working. Playing hard. Entertaining, entertainer Wons Phreely does the universe justice as he treks across the plains of Los Angeles and makes people dance and smile to his music.

‘Restless to Run’ is odd, and off kilter, and so very (albeit adorably) staggered in its presentation. With whip smart lyrical coordination, doubled down with Won’s magical vocal inflections, the sum fun-ness of the song is ready to kill your notion of what pop music could be, or become.

“I’d like to dedicate this song to the spirit of embracing failure,” said Won. “That’s something I connect to in rock and roll. I wrote it after the passing of David Bowie, I found myself crying a little, which is something I’ve never done over the passing of a famous person. It felt almost like the end of an era when artists could experiment, and still be accepted by pop culture, with no consideration for commercial success.”

Continued Won: “Just self expression on who they are and how they felt. Bowie’s first few albums completely flopped, and yet an industry and the public still supported him until he had formed his musical identity and began to connect through a very personal expression of who he was. Same goes for artists like Springsteen and Prince who were failures for their first couple of records, but carried on anyway in a time when music was not so much an industry. And these artists arrived at some truly unique styles and self-expression that still resonates today.”

Won Phreely is the project of Justin Wonsly, and he’s got some good stuff to show you.

Let’s join him on his quest.

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