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Wooden Shjips Announce New Album ‘V’. Releases single, ‘Staring At The Sun’

Fifth album is coming. Coming for you! The band is Wooden Shjips. The new album due is ‘V’. They say it’s “inspired by the tumult of the modern world, and the desire to offer a contrasting vision of peace”. Well, it’s a good ideologically viable stance. Better than being too pessimistic. Its a good message from WS, and heck of a good presentation of an album from the veterans of psychedelia.

“The band has created a record that filters their trademark hypnotic grooves through an optimistic lens, resulting in music that is bright and vital.”

‘Staring At The Sun’ is, for us, riding down a water slide, sun blazing, hot, fun, and relaxed. But ALL happening in slow motion frame. It’s a music video, in itself.

Smiling children, smiling parents, cheering and animated palm trees, the moon being jealous of the sun for the bright ball in the sky, having all the fun. It’s a song that is reminiscent of rock-psychedelia of the long past, homage to the unknown future worlds, and modern preferential deities of musical premonitions: the song is ‘out of sight’.

The play list in the new album are:

  • Eclipse
  • In The Fall
  • Red Line
  • Already Gone
  • Staring At The Sun
  • Golden Flower
  • Ride On

The band is rep’ed by Thrill Jockey.



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