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Woodes – Dots

Woodes’ Dots is a titillating fascination of a song, taking a wide and vast bird’s eye view of what expansive pop song could be. Overlapping profound hooks, driving content deep within the audio experience.

Imagine this.

Let’s take off. Let’s fly towards the hills. Those cloud topped, ranges, seemingly out of reach.

Flap one. Flap two. Flap three. Consecutive arrangements in physical dexterity.

You feel it; the air underneath. You feel it; the winds gaining force.

The thin air is refreshing. You close your eyes, to the heavenly, environment.

Flap four. Flap five. Flap six.

The clouds get thicker as you gain on the distance of those hill tops. Hot vapors pouring out of your mouth.

Enjoying every moment.

The land looks so small. The world doesn’t seem as consequential.

It is so peaceful up here.

The journey is the etherial, escape, which this song provides.

Woodes continues her awesome professional journey, into the new year.

And we really dig it, to be sure.

Kudos Elle. Kudos.



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