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Woodheart Shares ‘The Last Astronaut’. What Will You Do? “Sizzling, and crackling, as you close your eyes.”

The world might as well be as far and foreign as Mars, if you feel you don’t belong here. The remnants of the societal whims, just dashed his everyday views on everything. It tainted his will to thrust forward when it was mandatory. It sapped his enthusiasm as he hurriedly searched for the best way to plug the hole at the bottom of that bucket of existence.

WOODHEART’s ‘The Last Astronaut’ is where we feel, we sometimes belong. An aimless balloon, of biological summations, just never held up by the hand of an environment, in which we dare not belong. The atmosphere is think in oxygen, as the day-by-day procurements of responsibilities, render to a crisp but negligible burn at the edges. Sizzling, and crackling, as you close your eyes once more at the warm sun on that street, begging for some sign to continue.

But you continue.

Will the colors return to that beautiful emerald blue, this Earth is famed for? Or will the gray auburn dankness, depress the knees from springing back to life?

Who knows.

This oddly curmudgeon single and video is the title track from WOODHEART’s debut album (February 8th).

It lacks nothing, as it tells of the tale of a heart and mind, searching, as we all do.



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