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woodrow Shares ‘HIGH SIGNS’. “It’s kinda what you thought. But it’s not.”

woodrow is Joel Aaron Wood. And he makes bedroom bops like this DIY charmer named ‘HIGH SIGNS’. And the song that makes you want to sing-along, even in your raggediest, woodrow’s hiphop induced single that is “what LCD Soundsystems might do” kind of vibes is tantalizingly vibrant.

It just works, no?

Off of his latest LP, ‘CHREYEST’, the single is a part of this unmovable thematic album which kicks in the charm, as that kiss from your crush would give you the ‘high on life’ vibe.

As the mumble-rap stylistics permeate the album and of single ‘HIGH SIGNS’, you just can’t help but get into the gates of this amalgam of darkness, light, truth, and mannerisms experimented against the walls of reality and oddities.

Have a look see.

You’ll get in.

It’s cozier than you thought it would be.

“Oh yea. Just like a suntan bed, yo.”

That’s right. You get it now.


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