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Words You Wish You Wrote // Dead in Argentina // Kate Dinsmore // Take the Black // Train Room

Words You Wish You Wrote – The Lies that Bind

Consisted of Coty Saxman, Bakune Hata, and Tomohiro Yoshikawa the hard hitting emo-metal outfit hits the right chords within the soft underbellies of anime atmospheres and manga extravaganzas. The near new band (formed 2018) has all of the right elements, suited to provide the respite from the average. Bakune Hata’s guitar work is exquisite as the whole of the project garners emotions and energies that really pushes the right buttons. The band stated: “This song is about a relationship that started as nothing more than a one night stand, but was turned into something more for the sake of appearances. It becomes a story about escaping from that tangle of lies, and learning to put your own wellbeing ahead of what others think of you. It finishes by suggesting that the romantic partner end their performance and move on.” Word.

Dead in Argentina – The Kill

Oakland California. 2018. Ground zero for the formation of DEAD IN ARGENTINA. Death of… Malice towards…Rounding of…Sentencing in…’The Kill’ by the band is a 4 piece chat with your punk-rock hesitation you have deep inside you. It needs to come out. Your punk rock headiness has to be free. DIA is here for you. With emasculating support guitars and chords to deep dive bomb your senses, the vocals from Brian kicks it at 30,0000 feet above, but as local as your next meal of crushed glass. The rockin’ band is quite something. And in ‘The Kill’ is what you want from that long week, or long life. It’s your chance to kick that anxiety out of you, when you really wanted to. Never sleep. They’re after you. Let Brian Brophy, Dan Burns, Lyle Livingston Guanzon, and Logan Ray take you down that dark alley way.

Kate Dinsmore – That Ain’t Me

KATE DINSMORE is a glimpse of things that impress you through out your day’s existence. The shine off of this songstress is hard, wide, blinding, and uncommonly fabulous. The Americana-rock singer/songwriter takes her home-grown vibe of rock and 70’s rock into a glass of coffee and takes the caffeine of soul into the next level. The kick-ass attitude of Kate spins everything around to a 180 degree cohabitation of succinct beauty, submerged in the vastness of wide open story telling, and an affection for the positive that just lingers and wafts through the airy room of your heart. It’s just excitement, packaged inside a song like ‘That Ain’t Me’ and a person named Kate. The self professed ‘nerd’ keeps it certifiably grand, as the Olympia, WA native makes her way to the front. Word. Her latest EP ‘Your Last Name’ is available now.

Take the Black – Violent Delights

New York based band TAKE THE BLACk likes to be kind and subtle with their musical angsts and stories of trepidation. ‘Violent Delights’ is that method of doing so, with the counter illuminations of a world within the protagonist’s emotions, continuing to be sullen but emboldened by the energies of rock. This single sneaks up on you, as Eddy Mastromarino, Tom DiCarlucci, Chris Baldini, and Sean Plunkett, lavishly bathe you inside the shimmering cast of sunshine inside the lyrics, and then blade you to kingdom come when the new-wave like sensibilities come to an end. TAKE THE BLACK is an ‘irreverent pop rock’ outfit as they’d define themselves. But we think it goes a bit more than that, for sure.

Train Room – Talons

Joe Monaghan draws beautifully crafted dreams and makes them reality in ‘Talons’. The pull of memories and sentiments, relate closely with what we all go through in our own personal lives. The song just does. And with Joe’s heartfelt vocal attentions, it is a delightful transition of today unto the next horizon. TRAIN ROOM is that project of ballads and the like, to soak through to the ‘hurt’ that we feel, and try to make it better, with time. Neil Young, Kate Bush, Wilco – all come to influence the artist and it’s something we should all witness. ‘Talons’ is the first single to be released prior to the upcoming album, which is to be released in 2020.


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