World’s First Cinema ‘Cold Sets In’ : Glistening in the clear daylight – beautiful in its natural renaissance.

'Cold Sets In'

Premium. That is the exquisite vibe of World’s First Cinema and their single, ‘Cold Sets In’.

“The song continues on to lyrically explore how pain and strife can bring you closer to loved ones. But even when that pain causes you to step away, we learn that starting over can be the most important part of the journey. This track is the first ballad esq offering the band has released and acts as a clear indicator that we can expect a more emotional side of this project in the future.”

Fast-rising duo look to continue the support for their debut EP.

Fil Thorpe (Neck Deep) and John Sinclair (alternatively known as Saint Claire), combine juicy story telling, with heartfelt brooding, and injects it all with vocal contentions of love and loss.

‘Cold Sets In’ is just the part of that tip of an iceberg – glistening in the clear daylight – beautiful in its natural renaissance.


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