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Wovoka Gentle Shares Their Unique-Verse Via ‘Sin in Crouching At Your Door’.

The band said of their ‘Sin is Crouching At Your Door’ single: “It could maybe be seen as the soundtrack to a sense of dread, a sense of being out of control. Tuning all the strings of your guitar to D and thrashing as hard as you can to try and regain the feeling that things can make sense. You then look within yourself, though, only to find desolation and destruction disguised as creativity; the metropolis has been bombed by individuals, and the only escape hatch down below leads to the middle of the waste land. Hopefully you don’t end up where you began.”

Yes. “The only escape hatch down below leads to the middle of the waste land.”

A waste land in only name, for when the feet of WOVOKA GENTLE’s notes pat down on the green grass, the knoll undulates with rhythms and salutations, only a confused but confident heart can feel. Lost in the salinity in the notion, of you, of them, of the Universal instigations – cheaply hung on the second-hand store of the mind and body, waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

You wait. For that chance. That chance for glory.

Whatever that level may be.

In the meantime, let’s look at ourselves – that crusty underpinning, surrounded by a false layer of pity and remorse. It starts there, and there alone.

The video is directed by Lies Scheps who stated: “Working on this video with Wovoka Gentle, it was the song’s build up of energy that immediately drew me towards it. As we all loved the idea of working with a dancer to emphasise this energy, we brought in choreographer Franka Marlene Foth to work with us. The band and I share a love for colour, so we turned the video into a playful outburst of colour and movement”.

2019 will see the trio of Imogen Mason, Ellie Mason, and William J. Stokes play live to ever larger stages. The band will play Omeara in March, followed by a long European and UK tour dates, supporting MALENA ZAVALA.

Album launch party will be set for London’s Corsica Studios on June 5th.



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