Wray ‘Wishing’ : Outpouring majesty and turbulence in realm defining emotions.


This song came from many attempts to build something out of a single melody; the chorus. We tried different rhythms and ideas on verse. It always wanted to be dark, poorly lit, overtly lustful, and seedy. Ultimately, the feeling is hopeful when the melody returns. The synth lines, sing-y backing vocals and bouncy tribal beat morphed this song in the studio. Wishing is transcending.

“A lot of people hang on to the idea that we can have some kind of utopia some day, that human beings will evolve to a pure state. But if the human race could start over, would things look any different?” said bassist/vocalist, David Brown. Along with bandmates Blake Wimberly (drums) and David Swatzell (guitars), Brown felt fueled by their status in a blue city in a red state, in the American south with its morally complex past, in a modernity fueled by conflict and difference.

Birmingham, Alabama’s WRAY vibrates at the intersection of those dichotomies and others—hope and pessimism, wild and composed, joy and pain. There is no light without dark, no dark without light.

Outpouring majesty and turbulence in realm defining emotions, mix ambles of jazzy roots and cosmic psyche ambience.

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Today we release WISHING for you. 💜

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