Wrené ‘Unravel’ : A future of mind, heart, and a soul, still in search for that one truth of completeness.


Whisper in winds, consuming in lust, confusion of the world’s heaviness, dolloped at the feet of sanity.

“Why can’t it be, as I’d dreamed?!”

“Why can’t it become, as I’d designed?!”

“Why is it falling apart, as I sit here in the vastness of plenty, and readiness to love – to be loved…”

Wrené’s single, ‘Unravel’, is a travel in time and space and dimensions, through the perspective eye of our souls which are impatient for the love that we’d deserve.

Said Wrené: “I felt that I was deeply entangled in a love that wasn’t being reciprocated. I fell for somebody who could not reach the same depth of passion and I became very lonely and dishonest within the relationship. I had emotional needs that could not be tended to, and this filled me with shame. Once I left, I still held onto a lot of these insecurities. In order to free myself from the entanglement I was in, I needed to express myself honestly – then came this song.”

The heartfelt writing, coupled with the positivity that beseeches the edges of ‘Unraveled’ constitute praise for its poetic justice and loving look into the future.

A future of mind, heart, and a soul, still in search for that one truth of completeness.

‘Unravel’ comes as a collaborative effort with Wrené creating the music and lyrics. Joash Mendoza produced and Bernie Cisternas mixed the track, to make this a the whirlwind of song that it is.


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