comeherefloyd is a start-up, and it’s got goals into the future. So, we need your help in the part of the format that needs you – you as a Writer! Writing is how choose to communicate, even though we add sprinkling of Audio, Video, and occasional hand puppetry (we’re kidding). Writing will never be replaced and is critical in conveying the feelings you had when listening to that particular song. It’s important, we believe.

We’d love to get to know you, your ambitions, and your (current/future) body of work. There are some basic criteria to working with us:

1. You must love music (this goes without saying).
2. You must enjoy describing and illustrating what you feel through these things we call letters & words.
3. You must be able to review songs, albums. This is tied closely to #2.
4. CHF is a bit different, because we tackle music and some sub-cultural subject: i.e. politics, movies, technology. Let us know what you can handle.
5. You must really love music (and writing).

Currently there is no pay structure for contributors. That is one of the daily operating goals to remedy, but hope there are some of you who can work with us, just for the publishing experience on a (potentially) awesome music site.

Now, if interested, please fill out the form below and hope to communicate with you very soon.