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Wunderfish // DEVAULT // LY SANDER // Julian Winding // Common Signals Club

Wunderfish – Abandoned Artifacts

WUNDERFISH is a fabulous project by Jason Umino. And in this ‘Abandoned Artifacts’ ol’ school trance sensibilities deflect and parry with gusto and confidence across the shimmering palisade of sounds. Jason is an electronic music artist and sound designer based out of Honolulu Hawaii and has been exploring his new direction of in his music studio since 2014, caressing and disseminating his brand of electronica in EPs, albums, and singles. Jason debuted with his album ‘The Narwhal in the Cornflower Sky’ in 2017 which in his words “[merged] the storytelling structure of opera, cinema, and theatre.” A concept debut that described “the innocence of childhood dreaming and universal wonder.” In 2019, he is due to drop his combined trilogy of EPs ‘Particles From Lost Systems’, parceled out in dynamic releases throughout 2019. ‘Abandoned Artifacts’ is just a taste of what can be achieved when talent and vision combine to direct emotions and outlooks.

DEVAULT – Runway

Off of his upcoming EP ‘JADE’, comes this oddly fascinating drop of single ‘Runway’. It is industrial. It is IDM. It is raunchy. It is synth-wave. It is simply delicious. This dark-wave sorcerer, 20 year old electronic artist DEVAULT, teases with danceable relativism but extrudes the essence of the other-worldly visions that just eviscerates your previous notions. Orange County California native, brings synth sounds of Depeche Mode, RL Grime, and things in between to give us this emotionally and ‘guilt-ridden’ vice of a soundscape. There is zero limits to his boundaries. And we like it that way. Oh and DEVAULT’s works are some of our faves. Just sayin’.


The clouds of unsanitary uncertainties are written down in the crevasses of LY SANDER/MICHAEL J COLLINS’ single ‘Last Call’. The deminuitive angst of hearts broken and trampled, virtually or in reality, stain the heels of those luxury shoes. Waters of the Universe can never clean off the distrust of such emotional relationships, neck deep in lust but angered by love. The ‘urgency’ of it all call on the most visceral in this single and the ‘demons’ of the silent and wary, within, climb aboard that express train to downtown ‘nowhere’. It’s destiny, you think to yourself. But no. It’s LY SANDER’s gift to you. Be tortured by this single. Love it’s exorcism. Ly’s new record label Special place Recordings is ready, as his 2nd EP will drop in June.

Julian Winding – It’s In The Basement

JULIAN WINDING is a producer/singer splitting time between Berlin and Copenhagen. He makes compelling series of notes, on to paper, than into your chapters of the heart. ‘It’s In The Basement’ is a disturbing sonic entrenchment. It’s barbed with dangerous mine fields of flowers, disguised by the amplification of explosions of decadence and revealing horrors. You’ve dreamed your dreams in this kind of musical language. The ones that you can’t make sense of, but oh so visceral – tactile – textured. Every ounce of blood that dropped, felt like cannon balls. Every ounce of secrets seemed to be living in this ‘basement’ of your dream. The visit to the coffins of your lusts and desires, just don’t seem to be what you imagined. So you flee. You flee from the madness. A madness, that is utterly and forever green, of your making. It is futile. Julian knows how to hypnotize and you will be in this single. The oddly attractive MV is directed by Greg Maziuk.

Common Signals Club – Heavy Weather

Hazy. Glitchy in vibe. Smooth in terms. COMMON SIGNALS CLUB’s single ‘Heavy Weather’ is a call from the edge of that dark forest – deep, forbidding. You stand there in the rainy plain, and ponder at what’s possible. Devour it. Or let it devour you. The choice was yours, but never was. Downtempo electro duo is made up of Jack Moore and Guy Britton, serving up line after line of pop inducing, but experimental causes for the possibilities. ‘Heavy Weather’ is a dark and brooding, ‘inconsequence’ of synth and as the duo calls it “inward observation’. Shades of Massive Attack, Joji, the duo comes with fresh takes on lo-fi, trip-hop thirst quenchers that hook and slice. “Songs that are an observation of tensions – positive and negative and everything in the middle – between two people” said the band. “There was actually a girl who said she could change the weather, but this song is more about the things that were left unsaid in that exchange”. Curiouser and curiouser.


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