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Wussy’s Covers EP ‘Getting Better’ Deserves More Of Your Musical Love. Let’s Do This Together.

It’s so fun. Yes. We’re talking about the 4 song Covers EP the gang in Wussy put out in March. But it’s 4 songs that would make you heart melt with joy and admiration. The covers included: ‘Getting Better’ (The Beatles), ‘Runaway’ (Jenny Mae), ‘Nomenclature’ (The Seedy Seeds), and ‘Retarded’ (The Afghan Whigs). It’s an outright ‘out of the park’ kinda display from Wussy, with their signature reservation and balance to their outputs.

New Album ‘What Heaven Is Like’ drops May 18.

Wussy is a fantastic band, simply put. And as they have done previously, even their cover songs are done with the tact and interest, which is unique to themselves. The band bring their distinctive mix of “drone rock, grunge, Americana arrangements” which produces delectable riffs, surrounding atmosphere, and undeniably weighty display of talent.

On this cover EP, the title track is off of The Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’ album. The EP then transitions to ‘Runaway’ which was originally done by Jenny Mae, a singer-songwriter in Ohio, USA. ‘Nomenclature is from a local Cincinnati Ohio band named ‘Seedy Seeds’. The last (but not least) song Wussy covers is their favorite Afghan Whigs song ‘Retarded’ (1990).

The EP takes you on a journey of different decades, and mixed healthily with local and regional flavor. The strength is the way the Wussys produce the songs, on top of the original standings of the 4 singles.

Listen. It’s worth it.

Buy [HERE]

The band consists of: Chuck Cleaver, Lisa Walker, Mark Messerly, Joe Klug, and John Erhardt.



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