WUZI ‘Aye Aye Aye’ : Energy and captivating vigor of shine and buff.


Leeds UK based band WUZI, tickles your fancy with ‘Aye Aye Aye’ and tells you you’re more than capable of dancing like you’d never rocked before.

“It’s upbeat, energetic and has an interesting arrangement which propels the song to unexpected places,” said the gang in WUZI. “Lyrical theme is to do with the transformative effects of becoming a father and the internal struggle of knowing the world is over populated and pretty dark and wanting my child to be to be something special within it all.”

The rockers burst formed in 2016. Born from the member’s shared enthusiasm of relentlessly fuzzed-out guitar riffs juxtaposed with melancholic ambiences and catchy hooks, they spent that year playing shows around the country and were the headline band at Indie Week Festival in Toronto, where they released their first single ‘Atomis’.

The following year saw WUZI play some memorable shows at Live at Leeds and Liverpool Sound City as well as releasing their follow up single ‘DD’, followed by ‘Bozo Material’, a 3-track EP full of catchy hooks, spacey atmospheres and fuzzy goodness. Recorded by Matt Peel at The Nave and mixed by Al Groves (Bring Me The Horizon) at The Motor Museum Liverpool.

There’s energy and captivating vigor of shine and buff in ‘Aye Aye Aye’. It’s a call to arms – and a call to your most primal desire for fun and freedom.

Dance, shall we??


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