wwoman ‘Eating Ass 2020’ : Can’t settle for good when better exists.


wwoman is ALL THAT, and more. To be clear. wwoman is that delicious sandwich with more than enough sides and a large soft-drink. wwoman is that kiss with your girl, with some tongue at the end. wwoman is the delectable 80’s pounding of sonic effervescence, we wished we could replicate.

“It’s a remake of the first track I ever recorded, named Eating Ass… ‘Eating Ass 2020’ is a redemption track,” said g smee (the man behind the project). “A therapist once told me my problem is that I can’t settle for good when better exists.”

Mixed and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer, Greg Calbi (Tame Impala, Bon Iver) the track is an effervescent sedative; simultaneously soothing and energetic. The intro meanders itself into existence with a sequence of arpeggiated video game synthesizers. Trap drums and whimsically pure vocals give the track an infectious vibe. wwoman uses this soundscape to tell a story about the obsessive need to be able to please a lover. His compulsion has branched out into multiple areas of his life; from obsessively cleaning himself and his surroundings, to locking himself away to work on his art for months on end.


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