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wwoman Shares ‘FOA’. “That’s Where I’m Going To”! Let’s Go.”

Don’t get it cross. WWOMAN is ALL THAT, and more. To be clear. WWOMAN is that delicious sandwich with more than enough sides and a large soft-drink. WWOMAN is that kiss with your girl, with some tongue at the end. WWOMAN is the delectable 80’s pounding of sonic effervescence, we wished we could replicate.

Feel it.


Feel it.

“Which Galaxy are you going to?”

“Not sure.”

“That’s where I’m going to?! Let’s go.”

With ‘FOA’, we can all just ride the hi-hat and just GO. All green lights from here. The intersections in life don’t exist, now and until the song is over. But it will exist further than its minutes in play.

It resonates through your bones.

It eats you up in severe head-trauma of musical bliss.

Pittsburgh artist Gi Smee is the architect of his project WWOMAN. It’s something we all should get to know, intimately, and seduce our inner talking points in solidarity.




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