wwoman Shares ‘You Will Fill My Head’. Get With It. Get ‘wwoman-ized’.

wwoman, the delectable synth driven, 80’s glazed dream-pop-gaze extraordinaire comes back with his single ‘You Will Fill My Head’. A tale of two cities, within two counties, within two countries of mind, soul, the song illuminates the path to salvation. That ‘salvation’ is your freedom of existential being. Dire of unknown possible satisfactions, the single helps you rise into that darkness.

“It’s only in your head,” you thought to yourself. But alas, it is both ‘in’ and ‘out’, with palpable gradients, colored both in royal purple and delicious self pity.

It’s a good thing.

We’d reviewed wwoman’s single ‘FOA’ several months ago, and we’d been fabulously into his music then, as we still are now. We’d state about ‘FOA’: “Don’t get it cross. WWOMAN is ALL THAT, and more. To be clear. WWOMAN is that delicious sandwich with more than enough sides and a large soft-drink. WWOMAN is that kiss with your girl, with some tongue at the end. WWOMAN is the delectable 80’s pounding of sonic effervescence, we wished we could replicate.”

Right? The project of Pittsburgh artist Gi Smee, his music just gets the juices flowing, for sure.

Get in with the swirl, and psychedelic nuances of wwoman.

You won’t regret.

As for other choices in your life. No guarantees.

Get with it. Get wwoman-ized.


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